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We received 592 reports of long-standing unmet needs and demands for policymakers to take action in ensuring students receive a sound, basic education. Using the community feedback collected, we created a report of our findings complete with next steps for lawmakers

The report makes it abundantly clear that our schools desperately need more funding. The responsibility to provide every child in North Carolina with access to a sound, basic education falls on state leaders.

It’s time Republican lawmakers stop using North Carolina’s children as political pawns. Instead of creating division and censoring what our teachers can teach, they should be focusing on ensuring a safe and quality learning environment for all of our kids.

What Really Needs Fixing?

Share the real problems impacting our schools

    Please tell us in as much detail as you can what the problem is, whether or not the issue is ongoing, and what steps have been taken to resolve the problem. Or, share your praise for educators who are doing a great job.

    All identifying information will be kept confidential.

    A Decade of Neglect

    For over a decade, North Carolina has violated the rights of its children by failing to provide a sound basic education as ordered by the state constitution and the NC Supreme Court in the case of Leandro v. State.

    In the latest state Senate and House budgets, lawmakers have continued to underfund schools as both proposals fall woefully short of the constitutionally mandated plan to provide a basic, sound education to our students. 

    Underpaid Educators

    Republicans once again showed their lack of respect for NC teachers and state employees by choosing to give tax cuts to corporations and the wealthy instead of paying teachers and state employees a decent wage.

    False Outrage

    These same legislators are backing Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson’s controversial effort to censor teachers and assert his own control on how students are taught while ignoring crumbling school infrastructures, bus driver shortages, inadequate COVID protection, and the wave of teachers leaving the state due to low pay.

    Legislators are not teachers

    They have no place dictating what and how teachers should be educating our kids. Instead, they should do the job of funding our schools, not creating false outrage around critical race theory to divide us.

    Tell us what needs fixing in our schools.

    Together we will ensure that politicians can no longer ignore the real problems in our classrooms. We will not allow this rhetoric to divide us and distract us from demanding our elected representatives do their jobs and properly fund our public schools.


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